Founder's Note [03/21/21]

Issue regarding Pantsudrive 2.0


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Hi! 👋

I'm fully aware of what's going on with the new Pantsudrive server and we are looking to sort this out as soon as we can.

Let me share with you what happened with the old pantsudrive, Remember the server upgrade? As we grow, our daily traffic grows as well therefore a more dedicated server must be employed. The old Pantsudrive which i know is really good especially on regions or areas that has slow network connection and/or only relies on data network isn't compatible with our new server.

Right now we have a PHP version of the Pantsudrive and those certain areas/regions are getting left out since its not performing as good as it was before.

We will sort this out as soon as we can get those performance back, In the mean time if you can't bear with the new server, you are free to switch to go-gostream and use an AdBlock or use our old Pantsubase site.

For downloading we have a download link per episode below the Storyline Synopsis. If none of us can't be reach out feel free to check our knowledgebase as we have most of the questions there answered.

That's all i have and i can share for now, I will personally give you an update once we find a solution.

Thank you for your patience.

Eri (Shio)
Pantsubase Inc. Founder

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